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Plants use photons from the sun light to energize their cells and grow. Could it be possible for the human cells to do the same if we deliver enough photons deep into the tissue? Surprisingly, the answer is yes!

Lasers have been rapidly gaining popularity in modern medicine and have already become indispensable in surgery and cosmetology. The time has come for medical applications of lasers. Therapeutic lasers have been used in Europe for quite some time and they are becoming more and more popular as number of applications continues to increase. Although still not widely used in mainstream medicine they are well established as alternative treatments of pain and especially anti-aging medicine and dermatology.

The future of Laser Therapy also known as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT, cannot be brighter. As the technology gains more recognition, it will become the treatment of choice for many medical conditions including pain, inflammation, arthritis, skin disorders and many others. Research on Laser Therapy is very promising in trauma, sport medicine, neuro-degenerative diseases, heart disease, speedy recovery from surgeries and many others. Eventually Laser Therapy will replace commonly used medications and many surgeries will become obsolete.

Laser Therapy is so revolutionary, that it upsets the understanding of human physiology and makes many doctors uncomfortable even to talk about it. History teaches us that it likes to repeats itself. Before Dr. Luis Paster discovered bacteria proving "germ theory", there was so much skepticism and emotions ran so high in the medical establishment, that many medical boards banned the use of anti-septics before surgeries! Can you imagine a surgeon today not washing his hands before performing even a mole removal?

Either way Laser Therapy has arrived and is here to stay. It will eventually change the way the medicine is practiced and will overturn current business models and cash flow. Inexpensive but superior to many drugs, it will surly face resistance from pharmaceutical industry and sometimes, medical establishment itself.

Medical Frontiers provides Laser Therapy services in Pittsburgh area and is one of the first such centers in the USA. A. Zielke, MD and his staff have gained unique expertise in high power therapeutic lasers having had an early start long before the lasers became FDA approved and available on the market.

The laser treatments are safe, effective and completely painless.

Please review our website and contact us for questions on how you can benefit from Laser Therapy.

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