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Our Founder

Andrzej Zielke, MD is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Pain Management and Critical Care Specialist. He is also a Head and Neck Surgeon and Audiologist Board Certified in Poland. 

Dr. Zielke has spent most of his professional careers working for different universities in Poland and USA. Over the year, however, he has became increasingly dissatisfied with the status quo of the mainstream medicine and in 2003 he funded Medical Frontiers.

An Integrative Approach

At Medical Frontiers, his main focus became introduction of new medical technologies and integration with the established protocols. 

Rewards came quickly in the successful new therapies, patients satisfaction and clinical and scientific research.

Experience and Expertise

He became an expert on laser therapy and developed protocols for the use of laser therapy in numerous medical conditions. He gained experience in ozone prolo-therapy and platelets rich plasma (PRP) injections, stem cells and intravenous therapies. 

He obtained an understanding on nutrition, food and the use of nutritional supplements. The counseling on food has become routine part of every office visit for patients of Medical Frontiers. 

His work on laser therapy produced a peer reviewed scientific paper: “Photo-excitation of electrons in cytochrome C oxidase as a theory of the mechanism of the increase of ATP production in mitochondria by laser therapy”.

He also became a Medical Director of USA Laser a developer and a distributor of the new generation of therapeutic lasers to the US market. 

The Secret of Success

Dr. Zielke believes that the secret of successful treatment is not lying in another new prescription medication. The secret is hidden in the natural ability of our bodies to heal itself and regenerate. 

He believes that the Creator equipped us with mechanisms to heal, replace damaged cells and regenerate. 

The role of a physician is to understand these healing mechanisms and to create optimal conditions in the body necessary to make them possible. This usually involves use of latest medical technologies, proper advise and guidance.

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