Ozone Steam Sauna

Ozone Steam Sauna

Ozone steam sauna is a steam sauna with added ozone at concentrations of 3% to 5% in oxygen, so sauna has high oxygen content and small amount of ozone. Ozone cannot be allowed to the patient’s airway because is very irritative even at small concentrations and higher concentrations can be toxic to lung tissue. For that reason the patient sits encapsulated in the sauna chamber with the head outside exposed to the ambient air. 

Inside the chamber steam is released at temperature from 98 to 105 degree F depending on the patient’s tolerance and preference with admixture of ozone. The session last 30 min.

What happens in the sauna?

Once the heat opens up the skin pores, the blood vessels dilate and the body begins to sweat, the detoxifications process starts to take place. A lot of toxins are removed. Ozone and oxygen in the chamber is absorbed and oxidizes some toxins enhancing detoxification. 

Ozone (O3) is very unstable and rapidly is broken down to O2 plus O- which rapidly reacts with toxic substances and oil on the skin creating secondary free radicals.


  • dual effect of temperature and oxygen with ozone makes detoxification more efficient
  • oxygen is absorbed through the skin helping any local ischemia and relaxes muscle spams
  • ozone stimulates immune system, speeds healing
  • ozone improves blood and lymph flow 
  • ozone reduces inflammation 
  • ozone topically, has positive effect on many dermatologic conditions
  • ozone is a powerful anti-microbial agent so it is great for any skin infections including bacterial, fungal and viral


  • fibromyalgia
  • arthritis
  • low immune system
  • muscle spasms
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • skin infections
  • shingles
  • skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema 
  • viral infections like shingles
  • fungal infections

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