Spinal Rehabilitation

Spinal Therapy

Chronic back and neck pain can be a life changing experience often leading to disability. To make it worse, these patients are often misunderstood and feel abandoned by family members and co-workers or employers because they cannot do what they used to do. 

Common solutions include surgery, injections, chiropractic adjustments or opiate medications.

At Medical Frontiers, we have different approach to chronic neck and back pain which include combination of non-invasive and spine corrective therapies. We also put strong emphasis on general health improvement including diet and life style changes. 

Many chronic back pain patients have weight problem or neuropathy that exacerbate their pain.

Treatment strategy

  • The treatment starts with analysis of patient’s spine problem based of physical examination and sometimes x-rays films.
  • Many spine problems are initiated by neck injury and subsequent loss of cervical curvature (lordosis). Treatment of the neck is designed to restore cervical curvature.  
  • Next we do spinal decompression and gentle corrections of vertebral alignment. At the same time the therapist work on muscular trigger points manually with addition of ozonated olive oil to achieve good muscle relaxation. 
  • Before spinal adjustments we often do ozone prolo-therapy (please refer to a note on ozone therapy). 
  • For patients with sciatica we offer a simple muscle injection with local anesthetic which relives sciatic pain usually within minutes. About 90% of patients with sciatica will respond to this injection very well. 
  • Often we add laser therapy (refer to a note on laser therapy) for patient with severe neck problem, spinal stenosis or facets syndrome. 
  • We evaluate nutritional status for nutritional deficiencies and counsel on diet for pro-inflammatory foods or bowel conditions  often aggravate existing pain conditions.

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